Vocabulary Landing Page This document has all of the links and resources for vocabulary

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary Notebook Format

Flash Card Plus

  • Strategies to use Flash Card Power Point PDF
  • flash cards plus Version 2.0.xls This spreadsheet creates up to 42 cards. In addition to flash cards, table tents and "I have ...who has" cards can be created.
  • Flash Card Plus as a Google Sheet
  • Flash Card Plus Ideas Nov 2011.docThis is a document which has some ideas of how the flash cards can be used.
  • Flash cards can be used for the following activities/games (these are described in the document above)
    • Inside/Outside circle
    • Find a match--students with terms try to find a match with the definition.
    • Matching--in groups of three (Fraction, decimal, percent) (word, definition, picture) etc
    • Musical Cards to mix up cards
    • Head Banz (put card on forehead play 21 questions to determine term)
    • I have ... Who Has ???? traditional or with time how long to complete cycle or
      • Use with Choral Response, draw name card, or individually or in small group put the cards in a circle,
      • Scavenger Hunt
    • Headbantz--students put card on their forehead without know the word and ask questions to find the word
    • Jeopardy
    • Bingo
    • What is my shape/word? Cards are placed on students back and they ask questions to try to determine the word.
    • Word Toss
    • Family Feud--Use the card as prompts for a contest between sections of the class.
  • brain flash cards.xls This is an example of brain based learning terms created using flash card plus.
  • http://mathwire.com/ check out the already made "I have ... who has?" cards as well as other math activities.
  • http://www.kitzkikz.com/flashcards/
  • IPad app flashcardlet
  • Mathematics vocab cards for grades 1-7
  • Create Flash Cards from Google Spreadsheet with Flippity

Math Dictionaries

  • Math is Fun has a dictionary with over 700 terms. Each term includes an illustration and many include an animation and interactive tutorial.
  • McGraw Hill eGlossary provides written and verbal definitions and explanations of mathematics terms. The glossary is divided by grade level. Select your grade level then the first letter of the term for which you need an explanation. The explanation is offered in text form as well as verbal (click the speaker icon to listen).
  • Math Words
  • A Math Dictionary for Kids great site with interactive applets and activities.


  • Word Sneak Two participants each receive a list of words. The challenge is to use the words in normal conversation. Video example
  • Vocabulary Games Power Point PDF
  • From Marzano Games and Vocab resources
  • Above the Head & Headbanz Powerpoint
  • Analogies Powerpoint
  • Bingo Powerpoint Brain Terms Bingo Students are provided a list of words to place on a bingo board. Words or definitions are read. When the student gets bingo they need to use the words in sentence or give definitions.
  • Create a Riddle Powerpoint
  • Family Feud Powerpoint Example Leader has list of words and provides hints to team to get them to say the words on the list. As teams finish give silent cheer.
  • Jeopardy Game Template for Google Slides
  • Jeopardy.ppt Power point with a jeopardy template
  • http://www.elainefitzgerald.com/jeopardy.htm Website with Jeopardy samples and template
  • Jeopardy directions.doc Word document with some directions to use the template
  • Jeopardy math.ppt Math Jeopardy example
  • Metaphor Powerpoint
  • Word Toss.doc>
  • Taboo--In the game of Taboo a word is provided. The objective is to provide hints so that the player will say the word. The difficulty is that 4 words are provided that can not be used as hints. For example the key word is president and the “taboo” words are White House, Bush, Washington, and Lincoln. Let the students do the work. You may provide the word and have them determine the “taboo” words that can’t be used. Students could even be asked to provide the key word along with the “taboo” words.
  • $10000 pyramid template.ppt
  • pyramid or name concept template.ppt power point template
  • Pictionary
  • Charades
  • Apples to Apples
  • Name That Concept---Partner A faces the board or overhead. Partner B faces the other direction. If needed Partner C faces away from the board also. Be close enough so that hints can be given with soft voices. Place 5 to 8 words on the overhead or board. Partner A: Provide clues to your partner without using the actual words, derivatives, or rhymes. Partner B: Name the concept or component or say “pass” to move on to the next item. The goal to successfully communicate all terms in one minute or less.
  • What am I? A word or flash card is taped on a person back. The person needs to ask questions to try to determine the word on their back. The following document can be used so that students organize their questions, write out questions and response, and reflect on the answers received instead of randomly asking questions. What Is My Shape.doc
  • http://www.teachnet.com/lesson/misc/winnergame022500.html
  • http://www.csun.edu/~vceed002/ref/games/ games for science and templates for some games

Graphic Organizers

Other Tools

Math Word list and resources